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Digital cinema & video creation from start to finish, or anywhere in between.


Developing your story and strategy to capture it. Using the best tools for the project to ensure your images look amazing.


Editoral, Motion Design, Color Grading, VFX. This is where a story is crafted, brought to life and made to look beautiful.

Format Delivery

With so many types of screens your content can get played across, making sure it still looks it's best on all of them is extremely important.


Some samples of previous projects.

New Blood Fight Gear

Production + Post + Delivery

Lemonhead Winter X-Games

Production + Post + Delivery

Motion Graphics & VFX


Air Optix Multifocal

Production + Post + Delivery

Feeding America

Post + Delivery


Post + Delivery


Who is Two Handed Creations?

Dave Mehrman

Director, Editor/Colorist, Motion Designer

Kristi Shields

Project Coordinator

Two Handed Creations has one goal, to make powerful video content for brands and companies. Telling your story is more then just showing up with a camera and some lights. It's about planning and crafting your message to make sure it comes across clean, straight and to the point.


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